The MFA in Creative Writing Program at Manhattanville College

Summer Writers’ Week 2017

The MFA program’s summer workshops drew a crowd of writers in five genres some of whom are pictured above. There were barbecues and late-night writer-bonding sessions too, all refreshing and productive for our creative community. Social justice issues made their way into the week’s program as poetry instructor Melissa Tuckey, co-founder of Split This Rock, led a session on social activism through art. That produced a flurry of “Haikus for Humanity” from the group, and hope for a movement that might catch on and spread.

Check out the Haiku our Summer Writers’ Week students created:
A metallic snake
silent, tensile, underground
poisoning its lair

-Terry Dugan

For the Women of the PT Armana Footwear Factory
Tar covered soles
six women kiss their babies
no dinner this week

-Finola Mcdonald

Fishing Trip
Pop says a man is
a man when he is a river
water  ::  vast, shiny.

-Jason Guisao

Love Poem
Once in awhile, you
whistle, hair still wet from
an afternoon shower.

-Jason Guisao

Talkin wit ma boi,
& sum white shawty walks by.
She grips her purse strap.

– Jason Guisao

Pop, after some gin,
calls my brother a faggot.
I forget to breathe.

– Jason Guisao

Untitled I
Buy American.
Petals on a wet, black bough.
Hire American.

– Jane Pearson
Includes a line by Ezra Pound

Untitled II
Isn’t it crazy.
I’m worth billions of dollars.
A lovely sunset.

– Jane Pearson

Untitled III
Lady Liberty
Clutches a flashing neon sign:
Closed for Repairs

– Paul Sevigny

Untitled IV
Riding her bike home
after Ramadan service
#Nabra Hassanen

-Melissa Tuckey

Untitled V
“It’s okay mommy”
Five words no four year old should
ever have to say

– Melissa Tuckey
#Philando Castille
#Haiku For Humanity

Untitled VI
“Keep running!”  I yelled.
Heart racing. I stop. Hands up.
Another hashtag.

–Latanya Gordon