The MFA in Creative Writing Program at Manhattanville College

May 17th, 2016

1 poem

Going Nowhere

It’s a glitch in the cell towers,
signals flitting about in the air like gnats;
people trace their filched phones
to a green, clapboard country house.
They arrive red-faced, raging.
Sometimes they bring the police,
pound with fists to get in,
don’t believe the man that opens the door
only to mumble, mistake. No one wants
to think, mistake. One time, the police tracked
a kidnapped girl’s phone to that home,
forced those who lived there
to stand outside while they searched.

Like the misdirection when you and I
talked and it felt as if we had tried for too many
years, and we agreed to try harder, hoping
for peace. I thought I had heard
something real. I didn’t want to think
I’d made a mistake,
its buildup of ceasefire impossibility.
Though then, no one pounded on the door.
No one was of interest to the police.
No one cried, but rage was everywhere.
No one ever acknowledged jurisdiction.


Susana H. Case’s newest book is 4 Rms w Vu (Mayapple Press, 2014). Author of four full-length poetry collections and four chapbooks, including The Scottish Café which was re-released in a Polish-English version, Kawiarnia Szkocka, by Opole University Press, she is a Professor at the New York Institute of Technology.

What motivates her to create?
I was taught at an early age that creativity was more important than money, than a fancy car, than many material things that often motivate people. Writing isn’t the only activity that makes me feel alive, but it is up there in importance to me.

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