The MFA in Creative Writing Program at Manhattanville College

Writer’s Life, Manhattanville

Five things to know about our MFA program:

  1. You will find a creative home here, on a welcoming campus in a lush, private setting 30 minutes–one short train ride–away from New York City.
  2. Graduate student housing makes your creative home a real home. If you choose to live here, you’ll save a bundle. Check the rents in NYC and Westchester, then get back to us. We think you’ll want to book a room.
  3. Great writers are part of the experience. Because we are so close to the city, we have access to a long roster of talent. Edwidge Danticat, Tracy K. Smith, Jennifer Eagan, U.S. Poet Laureate Juan Felipe Herrera, and many others have recently come to read at Manhattanville. We don’t like to drop names, but…we’re just sayin’.
  4. Great teachers shape your work. Our program faculty are excellent writers who are also excellent teachers. We believe great teachers can transform talented aspirants into successful artists.
  5. Our students thrive in the community we’ve created. Writing is so solitary. One of the greatest unsung virtues of an MFA program is the bonds formed with other writers you’ll meet there. Manhattanville’s MFA program is built on that principle, fostering a community from which strong, successful writers emerge and to which our alumni return, like family.

What we want: determined writers who value this experience as much as the degree itself. An MFA is not a collection of letters, it’s a collection of people. If you know it’s time to get to work, then join us. Please apply.

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